Powerhouse Christian Ministries was founded in 2001 in a former DMV building because it was the perfect location to reach out to the surrounding neighborhoods.  Many have asked why we don't move to a bigger building in a better location, but Powerhouse is planted here for a purpose.  Our church body is made up of diverse backgrounds and experiences and we worship openly and work together for the Kingdom.

our team:
Robert Jones
Heather Jones

Director of Children's Ministry

Stacey Knight

Director of Women's Ministry

Brian Hall

Director of Prayer Ministry

Johanne Johnson

Director of Youth Ministry

Simon Preciado

Director of Men's Ministry

Fungi Chibanda

Director of Young Adults Ministry

Anthony Johnson

Co-Leader of Worship Ministry

Chris Xavier

Co-Leader of Worship Ministry

Jon Zwanziger

Co-Leader Senior Ministry

Carolyn Zwanziger

Co-Leader Senior Ministry




2515 Cottage Way

Sacramento CA 95286

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